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Decades ago, Face Lifts were considered an extreme surgical procedure, often associated with the ‘Hollywood-gone-bad’ look. However, new techniques have brought the face lift back in vogue. With less scarring and downtime, coupled with a more natural look, it’s not surprising that more patients are opting for face lift procedures.

Dr Mark Lee provides a range of face lift procedures, with one of the most popular being the Mini Face Lift.

What’s the difference between a Mini Face Lift and a Full Face Lift?

The aim of a Face Lift is to reduce the signs of ageing by improving the contours of the face.

The Full Face Lift considers and addresses jowls, the midface area and full neck, while the Mini Face Lift typically only addresses the jawline and neck laxity. The Mini Face Lift is generally less invasive than the Full Face Lift.

Importantly, the results of a Mini Face Lift are much more subtle than those of the Full Face Lift.

A Face Lift, full or mini, does not alter the bone structure of the face. Some patients combine their Face Lift with other surgical procedures such as a brow lift, eyelid surgery or nose reconstruction.

Who should consider a Mini Face Lift?

The mini face lift is a great option for women and men who have noticed aging in their faces and want to improve in their appearance without a drastic transformation. Most face lifts are performed on people aged between 40 and 55, but often older or younger people may also consider the procedure.

A Mini Face Lift may be a good option for you if you:

  • Have mild to moderate face laxity (ie. Jowls)
  • Mild upper neck laxity along with face laxity concerns
  • Are aged between 40 – 55 years old

Why should I consider a mini facelift?

The Mini Face Lift produces subtle, refreshed look results in those with mild to moderate facial laxity and ageing.

The procedure generally has a short down time, with most people being able to return to usual activities in 7-10 days. Complications are rare, and there is generally a lower risk for the Mini Face Lift procedure than the Full Face Lift procedure, however as with all surgical procedures there are risks, we encourage you discuss this with us before proceeding with your procedure.

The Mini Face Lift procedure may or may not be right for you. We’re here to help guide you through your journey and will always discuss the recommended procedures and realistic outcomes.

Considering a Face Lift? Book an appointment with Dr Mark Lee and the team. Choosing to have plastic surgery is a serious personal decision and undertaking. Please be mindful that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.