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In the Social Media and smartphone age, most of us can relate to editing or filtering our photos to achieve the right aesthetic. More and more, women in particular are looking towards celebrities and Instagram influencers for how our faces and bodies should look to be considered beautiful.

While editing photos is not a new practice, it has certainly become more accessible and prolific. With just a few taps you can chisel your jawline, smooth your pores and add volume to your cheeks and lips. Editing photos has become the new trip to the bathroom to check your lip gloss or eyeliner, and Instagrammers are getting so savvy with their editing that it’s hard to tell a real image from an ‘Instagram face.’

While there is a movement toward natural beauty, embracing bodies as they are and overall empowering all to have confidence in their bodies, filters still remain a big part of the social media experience.

So what is Instagram Face?

The ‘Instagram Face’ look generally consists of thick, perfectly arched eyebrows, full cheeks, a smooth forehead, false eyelashes and a large pout.

While most achieve the look with make-up and filters, there is a growing trend towards using injectables to carry the look beyond Instagram and into everyday life.

Our way

At our Enhance clinic, our goal is to achieve a well-defined and youthful facial contour with procedures that restores volume and symmetry. Most importantly, we aim to keep your look as natural as possible – taking small steps to create subtle and gradual changes. Everyone has a different face structure and different aesthetic goals, so we work with you to achieve the result you are after.

All of our services are performed by a registered nurse and overseen by a specialist plastic surgeon. You can relax knowing you are in safe and experienced hands.

Our advice

In our lifetime, we have seen many aesthetic trends come and go. Remember the very thin eyebrows of the 1990’s or the perms of the 1980’s? While we may look back and cringe at these trends, eyebrows grow back and perms grow out. It’s important to feel completely comfortable in any enhancements you’re making to your body – whether they’re permanent or temporary.

We help you understand how we can help you be your best self by tailoring a treatment program to suit your exact needs.

If you are considering injectables, we highly recommend booking in to speak with our highly experienced and accredited registered nurses about your goals and specific requirements.