At home IPL devices have become increasingly popular, with countless Instagram influencers now spruiking them, but do they really work and do you know the possible risks?

Firstly, we use the Cutera ProWave hair removal system which uses an infrared light to target the base of the hair follicle. The intense pulsed light is absorbed by the pigment in each hair follicle and converted into heat, thus damaging the root of the follicle and affecting its ability to grow.

According to manufacturers, the at home IPL devices are less powerful than those used by professionals, while this means associated pain could be reduced it also means sessions will take longer and you may have to treat an area several more time than if the procedure were done at a clinic.

The at home devices are readily available at department stores, specialty stores and online, and are often seen as a cost-effective, convenient option.

The downside of these devices is that consumers aren’t trained in how to use them and are solely responsible to read and understand the directions and safety instructions. If the safety instructions aren’t followed, these devices can pose unnecessary risk, including scars, burns and pigmentary changes, which may require medical or dermatological treatment.

The devices are also not as strong as the devices we are able to use in clinic, so you may need to complete several sessions to get the same results as you would in-clinic.

In-clinic treatments are planned and customised depending on your skin, hair and area you are treating. Our trained cosmetic nurse will talk you through the process and set your expectations from the beginning. We will also provide you with clear aftercare instructions to ensure you are as comfortable as possible post treatment.

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