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While the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic has varied for many, it is likely that you have transitioned to a new normal of lockdowns, Zoom calls and the now ubiquitous face mask. Signing into work may mean staring down a webcam or masking up, so now more than ever all eyes are on, well, the eyes.

For those whose focus has shifted upwards on their face and want to explore a cosmetic enhancement, we have listed five common eye procedures you may wish to consider.

Eyelid Rejuvenation Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

This procedure is commonly performed to target hooded upper eyelids and protruding ‘pads’ underneath the eyes that can leave you looking tired or impact your vision.  For upper eyelids, your surgeon will work to adjust the eyelid fold to sit parallel to the upper lashes, minimising any skin or fat removal that can lead to an unnatural result. A similar approach is taken for the lower eyelids when removing ‘pads’ from under the eyes, the result should leave you with a more rested and youthful appearance. These procedures can be performed together, or in isolation, both offering a relatively quick and simple way to see dramatic improvements.


Often referred to as ‘almond eye surgery’, a canthoplasty is performed with the goal to reshape the lateral canthus or the outer corner of the eye. The most common desired result is a more upturned, elongated cat-eye shape, correcting the down-turned eye shape that can be associated with sleepiness or aging. This is achieved by tightening the lower eyelid, removing sagging or excess skin to give the eye a larger and brighter appearance, with no winged eyeliner required.

Wrinkle Relaxers

The least invasive way to refresh the upper half of the face is by relaxing, or smoothing out, the expression lines of the forehead and the delicate skin surrounding the eye. Several small injections of wrinkle relaxer can be precisely injected into target areas to block the signal from the nerve in the facial muscle, stopping them contracting and in turn, relaxing the lines that appear more and more with age. You will require no downtime after injections, so your video can stay switched on in your next Zoom call.

Tear Trough Fat Injection

Your undereye circles, or tear troughs, are often associated with looking youthful, fresh and well rested. This area can appear dark and hollowed out naturally, or with age, but adding volume back into the area using targeted fat injections is an effective way to refresh your overall appearance. Less is more here, a natural result will have you looking well rested, not puffy.

Mid Face Lift

Aging goes beyond skin wrinkles alone, there are changes that happen gradually to the deep ligaments and muscles of the face that can’t be refreshed with non-surgical enhancements. If you are seeking an enhancement that addresses the deeper structure, you may consider a face lift for a natural looking, long-term change. For those stuck staring at the top-half of their face, sometimes a tight ponytail just doesn’t cut it. There are mid face lift options that address your mask-free territory, the upper two thirds of the face. There is an endoscopic option for this procedure that only requires a few, small incisions or more traditional alternatives that can be used based on your individual desired outcome and needs.

Learn more about the full range of eyelid surgery procedures Dr. Mark Lee offers or book in a free consultation to discuss what’s right for you.

Choosing to have plastic surgery is a serious personal decision and undertaking. Please be mindful that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

Dr Mark Lee’s innovative approach to breast reconstruction can be a less confronting option for women. Mark has been working to reduce scarring in breast reconstruction in the hope it will make the decision for a preventative double mastectomy easier.

Dr Mark Lee’s plastic reconstructive scarless latissimus dorsi (LD flap) technique for breast reconstruction is receiving international recognition for it’s benefits to patients. The procedure allows the patient’s muscle flap to effectively be harvested without scars on the patient’s back.

This minimally invasive breast surgery technique is currently being undertaken at St John of God’s hospital in Subiaco.

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