If you’ve been thinking about trying Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal treatment, now is a perfect time. As the weather cools, the conditions for successful treatment are just right and here’s why.

IPL hear removal is more responsive to winter skin

IPL hair removal works by light being attracted to dark pigments in hair follicles, so the higher the contrast between skin and hair colour, the better the result. Darker skin can interfere with the process making it hard for the light to target the hair follicles accurately and safely. During winter, when everybody is rugged up and hiding from the elements, their skin tends to be lighter, so it is possible you may be able to achieve the same result in fewer treatments.

Less exposure to the sun

It is essential to take care of the skin after IPL hair removal by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. The treated skin is sensitive, and exposure to UV rays can lead to redness, inflammation, and irritation. During winter, you are more likely to be covered up with warm clothing, giving your skin a chance to recover from the treatment.

Improved healing after IPL skin rejuvenation

If you’re interested in IPL skin rejuvenation to treat skin conditions like acne, broken capillaries, or uneven colouring, winter is also a great time to consider treatment. IPL specialists generally advise clients to avoid sun exposure and high temperatures to give the skin time to recover. As skin often looks worse before it gets better with this treatment, being able to rug up and cover up makes it easier to conceal the treated areas.

Be permanently hair-free by summer

Last but not least, by scheduling your IPL treatment in winter, you can be entirely and permanently hair-free by summer. To achieve permanent results, approximately eight treatments are required, so if you time it right across winter and spring, you will be all set for summer.

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