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We utilise precise measurements and ratios to plan an ideal nose shape that will balance aesthetically with your face. A rhinoplasty procedure may not necessarily involve reducing the size of the nose, but changing its shape or even augmenting the chin to produce a nose that is in harmony with the rest of the face.

Our rhinoplasty surgery produces results that are:

  • In balance and harmony with the rest of the face
  • Have better airway function if previously compromised
  • Straight and symmetrical
  • Ethnically appropriate
  • And most importantly, still look like you

The following procedures are available:

  • Open Rhinoplasty
  • Endonasal Rhinoplasty
  • Augmentation Rhinoplasty
  • Septoplasty
  • Turbinate Reduction
  • Tip Rhinoplasty
  • Nasal Grafting
  • Nasal Reconstruction
  • Nasal Implants

Aging causes changes in the deep ligaments and muscles of the face – which differs from skin wrinkles. This cannot be rejuvenated by dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxers or threads.

Our philosophy is to change the deeper structure to give a lasting improvement with a natural look. Although you will continue to age, many of the changes to the deeper structures will be lasting. Dr Mark Lee uses keyhole surgery and short scar techniques wherever possible.

The following face lift procedures are available:

  • Radical Face Lift
  • Short Scar Face Lift
  • Mini Face Lift
  • Minimal Access Cranial Suspension Face Lift (MACS)
  • Endoscopic Mid Face Lift (Key hole)
  • Subperiosteal Mid Face Lift

Almost exclusively performed as keyhole surgery, a brow lift can reduce forehead wrinkles, improve eyebrow aesthetics and dramatically improve ‘hooding’ of the upper eyelids. Often many patients seeking eyelid reduction surgery actually need brow elevation.Our philosophy is to avoid over elevation of the brow, to achieve a subtle, natural improvement in facial appearance.

The following procedures are available:

  • Endoscopic Brow Lift
  • Open Brow Lift
  • Lateral Brow Suspension
  • Endotine Brow Lift
  • Transpalpebral Brow Lift

A small chin can create imbalance in the face, resulting in a lack of facial definition and structure. Often a chin enhancement is combined with a rhinoplasty or face lift.  This procedure can be completed alone with prosthetic implants, or by advancing the lower jaw (Genioplasty).

  • Chin Implants
  • Genioplasty

Eyelid rejuvenation surgery (blepharoplasty) is one of the quickest and simplest ways to produce a very dramatic improvement in appearance. Hooded upper eyelids can impact vision and give a ‘tired’ appearance. Also, individuals with upper lid hooding tend to raise their eyebrows, resulting in forehead wrinkles and occasional tension headaches from muscle over-activity.

With eyelid surgery we aim to produce a beautiful eyelid fold parallel to the upper lashes without removing too much skin or fat to avoid a hollow, unnatural look.

Lower eyelids can also be prone to protruding ‘pads’ underneath the eyes.  This can be corrected with minimal external scars through eyelid surgery

The following eyelid surgery procedures are available:

  • Upper Eyelid Surgery Reduction (Blepharoplasty)
  • Lower Eyelid Surgery Reduction (Blepharoplasty)
  • Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty
  • Tear Trough Fat Injection
  • Eyelid Tightening
  • Canthoplasty
  • Tarsorrhaphy
  • Mid Face Lift
  • Ectropion Repair
  • Reconstruction of Eyelids Surgery

A flat chin and neck forming a right angle is a beautiful aesthetic feature and youthful sign.

The profile of your face and neck is an important aesthetic feature in a youthful appearance. Ideally, your muscle configuration will mean your chin and neck will form a right angle. A neck lift will sculpture and adjust this configuration to produce a more beautiful, lasting profile.

A neck lift is often combined with a face lift and other procedures.

The following neck lift procedures are available:

  • Open Neck Lift
  • Platysmaplasty
  • Submental Liposuction
  • Chin Reduction
  • Chin Implants
  • Genioplasty

Prominent ear surgeries tend to be very simple and can make a worthwhile and enormous difference to an individual’s self-esteem.

Prominent ears are quite common, due to a congenital failure of the ear to fold properly and therefore the ear doesn’t have a normal second (antihelix) fold. We consider this ear surgery as much a reconstructive procedure as a cosmetic one.

Our aim is to produce natural looking ears by reshaping the ear cartilage, not simply pinning the ears back.

For children, the ideal time to operate is usually in the first few years of school, and many patients book for the school holidays.

The following ear surgery procedures are available:

  • Open Otoplasty
  • Closed Otoplasty
  • Suture Otoplasty
  • Conchal Bowl Reduction

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