Dr Mark Lee offers a range of procedures designed to meet the needs of our male patients. As Dr Lee does not solely focus on aesthetic enhancements, he is highly experienced in dealing with the unique needs and outcomes that male patients have. He has consulted and operated on many men, for all types of procedures. Our nurses are also experienced in providing non-surgical care, from skin cancer and melanoma removal, to injectables and hair removal, to cosmetic surgery, Dr Mark Lee can help.

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Abnormal male breast formation can be a result of a number of factors, such as hormone imbalance. For male breast reduction procedures, Dr Mark Lee uses a combination of ultrasonic liposuction, short scar direct excision and (if needed) skin reduction reduce the breast size. Compression garments are essential – therefore you may wish to consider surgery during the cooler months.

Male breast reduction procedures available:

  • Ultrasonic liposuction
  • Subcutaneous Mastectomy
  • Male Breast Reduction

As melanoma can often be seen on the skin, it is somewhat easier to detect in its early stages. Depending on the stage of melanoma, the most common treatment is surgery.

As this cancer is on the skin, surgery to remove it can leave patients with major scarring. A plastic surgeon will work with you to determine the right procedure and attempt to reduce scarring, and improve the outcome as much as possible.

Dr Mark Lee not only removes melanomas, but he also uses the latest research and insights into melanoma in Australia in order to tailor the advanced melanoma surgical procedures conducted.

The following procedures are available:

  • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsies
  • Advanced Lymphatic Clearance Surgery

To learn more visit the Skin Cancer & Melanoma page.

Liposuction can help patients by reducing resistant pockets of fat that can’t be shifted with diet and exercise, however it’s worth noting that it is not a weight loss technique.

Our method uses ultrasound energy to break up fat, then it is removed through fine tubes inserted via small incisions. Following the procedure, patients must wear compression garments to reduce swelling and avoid loose skin.

The following liposuction procedures are available:

  • Suction Assisted Liposuction
  • Ultrasonic Liposuction
  • Lipoplasty
  • Liposculpture
  • Fat Transfer
  • Fat Grafting

Abdominoplasty reshapes the abdominal area through the removal of excess skin.

There has also been an increase in cases of extensive weight loss due to stomach banding surgery. This can result in excess skin remaining over the arms, thighs and neck which can be removed with procedures such as brachioplasty (arms) and platysmaplasty (neck).

The following Abdominoplasty procedures are available:

  • Radical Abdominoplasty
  • Mini (Short Scar) Abdominoplasty
  • Post Lap Banding Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction Abdominoplasty

The following procedures are available to make aesthetic changes to the chin:

  • Chin Implants
  • Genioplasty

The following neck lift procedures are available:

  • Open Neck Lift
  • Platysmaplasty
  • Submental Liposuction
  • Chin Reduction
  • Chin Implants
  • Genioplasty

Our team uses Cutera ProWave system in regards to hair reduction. This system delivers a specially tailored light source to enable permanent reduction of hair. Available on many areas of the body and performed by one of our highly experienced and accredited nurses.

For more information, visit the Hair Reduction page, or contact us to book a free consultation.

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