Once you have found your doctor, settled on the right procedure for you, booked your surgery, all that you need to do is wait for the big day, right? Not quite.

Now is the time to focus on what you can do to enable a smooth recovery, a stress-free experience and get the best result out of your surgeon’s hard work. No matter the procedure, here are a few ways to prepare for your cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Be informed

Your surgeon will discuss with you your procedure down to the small detail, the pre and post-surgery process and recovery information, but if you still have questions, be sure to ask. Sometimes you will find that even the simplest of questions can reduce any stress or anxiety in the lead up to surgery. Patients who are happiest with their results are most often those who have gone into surgery with realistic expectations and a full understanding of the possible results and recovery time.

Lock in your caregiver

Your procedure may require you to picked up and chaperoned home, so have your logistics arranged in advance to save stress in the days leading up to your surgery. You may need support at home as you recover, including care for any children or dependents, so planning around this will leave you space to focus on your recovery.

Plan your recovery time

After any surgical procedure you will need some time to let your body repair itself, something only rested time can deliver. This period can be integral to achieving your desired result, so making it as easy as possible should be a priority in the lead up to your surgery day. Lock in any leave you may need to take from work, leaving some time for the inevitable days where you may not quite be up to working from home if that is an option. Planning to have healthy meals easily accessible will also be something you thank yourself for. Fueling your recovery with a healthy diet and good sleep are the foundations for letting your body heal. You may like to freeze some meals or have your caregiver on hand to assist. Don’t forget to gather essentials like your pharmacy’s phone number, ice packs and any post-surgical compression garments recommended by your doctor. Also think about preparing activities to keep you occupied during recovery, grab a good book and set up your “saved list” on Netflix, so you have something to look forward to during this down time.

Sort out your medications

Your doctor will likely advise you what is and isn’t suitable to take in the lead up to surgery, but it helps to go through your list of medications or supplements individually, to double check with your doctor if they will have an impact on your procedure or recovery. You may also need to consider ceasing smoking and drinking alcohol as these can impact your response to surgery. Your surgeon may also recommend you take a daily vitamin in the lead up and will likely recommend pre and post-surgery medications. Having these scripts filled in advance can take pressure off your recovery period.

Check in on yourself

Amongst all the logistics, don’t forget to give yourself the space to mentally prepare for your surgery. Confirming your certainty and setting realistic expectations for recovery will help you to feel prepared and hopefully, excited for the change!

Choosing to have plastic surgery is a serious personal decision and undertaking. Please be mindful that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. If you’re ready to book a consultation and discuss your cosmetic and plastic surgery options, get in touch today.