This month, Dr. Mark Lee was honoured to be awarded the 2021 Plastic and Recovery Surgery – Global Open (PRS) ‘’Best Oceanic Paper’’ Award for his paper on Breast Implant Illness: A Biofilm Hypothesis. Dr. Lee pursued his interest in the impact of Biofilm on Breast Implant Illness alongside his esteemed co-authors, Ganesa Ponraja, Kevin McLeod and Smathi Chong and collectively, they were excited to be recognised by this prestigious body.

After following 50 patients, the doctors identified microbiological and histological abnormalities in a significant number of patients who identified as having one or many of the broad symptoms of Breast Implant Illness. Whilst 84% of the symptomatic patients self-reported a resolution or improvement of symptoms, you may be interested in their conclusion that Breast Implant Illness is a genuine entity worthy of further study.

To choose the winner, the PRS combined the data for all manuscripts submitted since the beginning of 2020 and compared them in the judgement process, with this paper appearing as the best in its category, ‘by a distinct margin’.

To learn more about this award and Dr. Mark Lee’s breast implant research, see the public announcement here.