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Why we need the Medicare rebate for breast reduction surgery
Results from a study published in the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) provide a compelling argument for increased access to breast reduction surgery in Australia for women struggling with...
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What is Procedure Multi-tasking?
More often than in previous years, we are seeing patients who have aesthetic goals that relate to more than one part of their body. Their desire is to combine...
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Five things you should consider before a breast reduction surgery
For many women a mammaplasty can be a life changing operation. Reducing the size of large breasts can free them from back and neck pain, make exercise more comfortable...
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How to care for your new nose: rhinoplasty recovery
So, you’ve booked in for your rhinoplasty and now you’re wondering, what happens after the surgery? Well, your surgeon’s hard work is almost done, but now it’s your turn...
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How to check for signs of skin cancer
As we experience another hot Australian summer, it seems only timely to consider the last time you had your skin checked. The sooner skin cancer it is detected and...
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How to pick the right sunscreen for you
You know the drill – ‘slip, slop, slap, seek and slide’. Let’s narrow in on the ‘slop’. We know it is important to slop on your sunscreen, even on...
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