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How to check for signs of skin cancer
As we experience another hot Australian summer, it seems only timely to consider the last time you had your skin checked. The sooner skin cancer it is detected and...
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How to pick the right sunscreen for you
You know the drill – ‘slip, slop, slap, seek and slide’. Let’s narrow in on the ‘slop’. We know it is important to slop on your sunscreen, even on...
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How to prepare yourself for cosmetic or plastic surgery
Once you have found your doctor, settled on the right procedure for you, booked your surgery, all that you need to do is wait for the big day, right?...
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Dr. Mark Lee awarded the 2021 PRS Global Open Best Paper Award
This month, Dr. Mark Lee was honoured to be awarded the 2021 Plastic and Recovery Surgery – Global Open (PRS) ‘’Best Oceanic Paper’’ Award for his paper on Breast...
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How COVID-19 has made us look into our eye…enhancements
While the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic has varied for many, it is likely that you have transitioned to a new normal of lockdowns, Zoom calls and the now...
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Dermal fillers – How much is too much?
You have likely seen someone on social media, tv or in the magazines recently that look frozen and unnatural, this could be due to excess fillers. With the rise...
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