The entire human body is covered in hair. While most of the time hair is fine and not overly noticeable, many of us, both men and women, have darker more obvious hair in places that we simply don’t want it. Whether it comes down to hygiene or personal appearance, excess body hair is considered by those who have it as a bit embarrassing and downright annoying to manage, especially on the legs, arms, underarms, chest and back.

Luckily for us, IPL hair removal treatments have become the norm when it comes to types of hair removal techniques. No longer do women have to speedily shave their legs every day and incur those painful nicks and cuts, nor do men have to endure the awkward and sometimes painful experience of a back wax. With an IPL treatment, men and women can say goodbye to discomfort and irritated skin.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light, is a type of hair removal treatment that can permanently reduce the growth of hair over time. Here at Mark Lee Plastic Surgeon in Perth, our nurses use the Cutera ProWave IPL system, which harnesses a tailored light source to target hair follicles which absorb the light, thus disabling the follicle.

Because hair grows in cycles and not all hair on the body is at the same stage at any one time, it can take multiple IPL treatments to effective reduce the growth of hair. The quality of the IPL treatment also depends on the thickness and colour of the hair and the amount of hair follicles, but generally speaking it usually takes between four and six treatments to achieve a significant reduction of hair.

The advantages of IPL hair removal include:

  • IPL treatments are best described as a hot flicking sensation, that settles quickly post treatment
  • IPL is one of the safest and most tested methods of permanent hair reduction
  • IPL is a quick treatment that will not prevent you from undertaking your normal daily activities post treatment
  • IPL is suitable for numerous areas of the body, from the small space of the underarms to the large area of the back
  • The most advantageous reason to choose IPL is its ability to permanently reduce hair growth

Have you been thinking about IPL as a possible treatment for hair removal? Come and talk to us at Mark Lee Plastic Surgeon in Perth, we use the latest ProWave hair removal technology available on the market.  We offer a no obligation consultation with our cosmetic nurse at our Perth location to discuss IPL and other hair removal treatments that we offer. Call us on 9382 3340 or click here to contact us for further information regarding IPL.