According to the ASAPS Annual Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Survey, “November to January is the busiest time in a Specialist Plastic Surgeon’s diary – performing more than 30% of the annual total number of procedures during this period.”

Whether you’re ready to start your journey now or just researching your options, it’s important to think about three key things before you go under the knife.

  1. Surgeon – This is one of the most important decisions you will make when considering your procedure. Your surgeon should be a fully qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in the specific procedure you’re undergoing. They should explain their approach based on your personal goals, body shape and any existing medical conditions. Sharing your motivations and ideal outcomes will help your surgeon determine the best way forward, so open communication is very important. We recommend writing down any questions you have ahead of your consultation so you can understand what to expect and feel completely comfortable with your surgeon.
  2. Expectations – Once you’ve spoken to your surgeon about your goals, it’s important to understand what is realistic and achievable for you. Being clear on exactly what you’re hoping to gain from the procedure (reference images are always helpful) will help your surgeon clarify any limitations or recommendations. While Dr Lee specialises in surgical procedures with minimal post-operative scarring, this is also something to consider when you discuss your expectations.
  3. Recovery – Ensure you have adequate time away from work or other commitments to fully recover, remembering that this experience will vary between both procedure and patient depending on many factors. Dr Lee will provide you with thorough instructions on post-operative care, which is critical to ensure your overall wellness and optimise the outcomes of your procedure. It’s also helpful to understand how long it’ll take your body get ‘back to normal’ – inflammation and minor scarring can take some time to settle – even when you’re feeling fully recovered.

Dr Lee and his team pride themselves on outstanding patient care, both before and after surgery. His experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery spans over 20 years, remaining committed to the latest advances in technique and technology. Choosing to have plastic surgery is a serious personal decision and undertaking. Please be mindful that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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